Road to success

On the road to success: 7 golden tips to organize an event yourself

From beginner to successful event planner

Breaking a sweat when you are asked to put an event on its feet for your company or organization? Don’t worry! Every successful event planner has started out somewhere. We will give you seven tips to develop rapidly into a successful event planner.

1. Gain experience

No experience in organizing an event? You can work on that! Offer yourself as an intern or volunteer at events in the wider region. This not only gives you the chance to get to know the various aspects in the event world, it also gives you the opportunity to make interesting contacts.

2. Dare to ask

A good event starts with asking the right questions. Why do we organize this? Who do we want to join? How are we going to reach the right people? Why should guests take the time to come to this event? What action do we expect from the guests after the event? Only when you have these questions answered, you can start on the production.

3. Falling and very quickly getting back up on your feet again

You have spent a lot of time into preparing your event and still something goes wrong on the day. Do you recognize yourself in this situation? Come on! At each event sometimes something wrong. A successful event planner knows this and is prepared for this to happen. Make sure that besides your Plan A you also have a plan B, C, D and Z, if necessary. Think about different scenarios, learn to act quickly and dare to make decisions. The more events you organize, the faster you will predict possible stumbling blocks. Ideal to tackle and prevent them in good time!

4. Observe

You do not always have to make mistakes to learn. Also attending external events, meetings and conferences can sometimes bring a lot of wisdom. What mistakes and successes do you notice from other event managers? How do they deal with their team? What techniques and communication channels do they use? What did you like and where would you use a different approach? Insights that you can use to improve your skills

5. Be unique

Whether it’s a congress, staff party, teambuilding event or product launch, before you attend an event, you often have an idea what you would expect. But what if, you as an organizer exceed those expectations? The success of your event stands and falls with your concept. Dare to move away from the ‘standard’.  Being original pays off. Look for new event trends and technologies and implement them in your event. Change and a dose of creativity help to grow you into a successful event organizer.

6. Stay up-to-date

Not only attending events, but also the Internet is a source of inspiration for (un) experienced event managers. You will find many useful tips and tricks, information on the latest event trends and case studies where you can learn a lot of interesting information. Besides that, online forums and event groups on social media offer you the opportunity to ask questions and talk with competing colleagues. The event industry is constantly changing. Make sure you grow with the latest news.

7. Be open for feedback

Feedback can be tough sometimes, but it also gives you a lot of valuable information to improve your future events. So ask attendees, customers and partners for their unvarnished opinion. Just so you can develop yourself further. Evaluating can be done both during and after the event.

Do you still wish to get some help in organizing an event? We’ll help you with pleasure. Contact us today.

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