Event Manager? We call ourselves “Event People”!

An event always starts with an idea that thanks to a professional, creative, and in particular a strategic approach, develops into a fantastic communication tool. From company presentations and private parties to product launches and award shows, surprising the audience and leaving a positive impact, is always the goal.

A conference or meeting is a success when the message sticks in the minds of the right people, without losing sight of the company strategy. For this every detail is important, from the choosing of a location and the technical infrastructure, to the right catering and supporting on and offline communication. Event Managers like us enjoy looking after the entire piece and if needed take the onsite direction into our own hands as well.

Why do we call ourselves “Event People”? Firstly, events are in our blood. We eat, drink and sleep it. Furthermore, people are the most important aspect of any event. The audience, but also our speakers, the technical team, the setup and breakdown crew, all the way to the people who keep the room clean and tidy. You can have the best technical material, organise everything perfectly, but without the right people you will never get the perfect outcome.

Event people are a breed apart. A real Event Person is in their suit one day pitching their creative idea and defending the budget to a CEO. On a flight to the next production two days later and three days later you’ll bump into them stapling carpets onto a stage in shorts, with safety gloves on.

True Event People know something about every element of the production. So that the right information with the right terminology can be communicated to the specialist. During the event, Event People take everything into their own hands, so the client doesn’t haven’t to worry about a thing.

The most important thing that turns Event Managers into Event People is respect. Respect for everyone involved in the event.

Don’t just mark the occasion, make your mark with The ROC.