Event Creation

Don’t just mark the occasion. Make your mark with The ROC!

Event Creation

Don’t just mark the occasion.
Make your mark with The ROC!

Whether it be an intimate private gathering or a full-scale international convention, The Roc pits the full breadth of its experience, expertise and creativity to delivering an unparalleled experience that is sure to make a lasting impression.

Event Management

Events never just “happen”. They are “nurtured”! From a simple idea into a fully-fledged communications tool. Professionally, meticulously, creatively and above all strategically. Because no matter what the occasion, from a corporate presentation or private celebration, to a product launch or awards ceremony,
The ROC’s goal is not just to dazzle your audience but to influence the way they think, feel and above all, act.

Conference Management

Creating the right conditions to promote a fruitful exchange of ideas or the effective communication of your own message demands a holistic approach to conference management.
Every single element in the equation has to be seamlessly aligned with your overarching strategy: from the choice of venue and technical infrastructure to the catering and supporting communications,
both on and offline. We can take care of the full trajectory if need be, up to and including flawless on-site management.

Meeting Architecture

It’s amazing how much can be achieved when you get the right people together under the right conditions. And we would not do what we do if we did not firmly believe in the power of meetings to generate returns that far outweigh their initial investment. In other words, meetings may cost money. But in the right hands, they can also make money for you and your organisation. Which is why we start from a thorough survey of your objectives before initiating the creative process. To come up with the perfect formula and a balanced agenda that will keep your audience engaged from start to finish and for a long time after.

Production & Show Calling

Having all the elements in place is a bare minimum. But to really ensure a successful event, you need someone with the skill and acumen to bring them all together on the day. Which is why the value of a skilful and experienced producer and show caller cannot be underestimated. Trust The ROC to source the ideal personality to steer your event in the right direction and ensure maximum impact with your audience. And of course, with the right dose of theatricality where appropriate. It’s an art in and of itself.

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