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10 tips to make your next event a hit

Go for a memorable (e) meeting, incentive or conference

Are you organizing an event, meeting, incentive or conference with your business or organization soon, but you don’t know how to start? Here are 10 tips to help you on your way to make your next event a hit.

  1. Your guests are often a barrel full of knowledge and expertise. Do something with that. Provide co-creation!
  2. Determine the purpose of your event in advance to ensure success. This can be from achieving more sales and improving your corporate image to increasing the solidarity among your staff.
  3. Did you know that a different room layout could add a unique dynamic to your event? Be original and take the intended target group into account!
  4. Pay attention to the content of your event. Make sure that the event is relevant and interesting to your guests. They must benefit from being present.
  5. Don’t only communicate before hand but also during and especially after the event! Only this way, your stated objectives will be achieved.
  6. Think beyond PowerPoint. There are many alternatives to showcase the content to your target audience. How about interviews, videos, brainstorming sessions and workshops?
  7. Pair a networking time to your event. Give the audience enough time for this and facilitate the networking as well.
  8. Dare to take risks, colour outside the lines. We all know the standard events and they don’t surprise us anymore.
  9. Embrace technology! By deploying the right technology you can increase the impact of your event considerably to both the attendees and non-attendees. An online component can help.
  10. Giving presentations means especially a lot of preparation. Speak plainly, have a good structure, involve the public and use the right tools! The more creative, the better.

Do you have any additional questions or do you want help in organizing an event? The ROC will help you further. Contact us today.

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