MICE innovation made simple – Take it outside

Innovation can be really simple. Sometimes you just need to look at things differently. How many times have you heard the following sentence during a site visit: “This room has natural daylight.” So we all know what’s important: the outdoorsy feeling.

Now think about this: when was the last time you took a business event to the open air? And I don’t mean lunch by the pool after a plenary session in a gloomy room. Why don’t you take the presentations outside, organize your sponsor booths or table tops in the garden, or host your one-on-one meetings on the terrace? I am sure that you book great venues for all your events, in fantastic locations with spectacular surroundings, so allow your guests to experience and enjoy this.

What do we do when it rains?

Do what any event manager does: go to plan B. Remember, you still have that meeting room with natural daylight, so you still can use it. Keep an eye on the forecast and determine when you launch plan B.

Consider the outdoor possibilities for your next event – your guests will be grateful.

Think outside the box or, even better, just forget about the box entirely.

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