5 tips for a successful end-of-year party or kick-off event for your company

As the year is gradually coming to an end. It’s very important you take out time to thank your employees, partners, vendors, and customers for their commitment and trust during the end of the year. Are you going to organize a staff party or customer event or are you planning a business kick-off at the beginning of next year? With these pro tips, your company will be ready for 2018.

  1. Look back at the successes and milestones in 2017

Set the highlights of your company one more time in the spotlight. Did you have large projects over the past year? Has your company won a prize or certificate? The sales figures this year was it a striking positive evolution? Or was the launch of that one product the highlight of the year? These are all matters that certainly could be cited during your event.

  1. Look forward to the next year

What is on your program in 2018? Which objectives should be set? And what approach are you going to utilize in order to achieve your set objectives? Especially for your staff members and partners, this interesting information will get them on their toes to work harder. Information and motivation is the key!

  1. Put the audience in the spotlight

An event is one, in which the participants are also involved and should be featured in the spotlight too. Don’t overwhelm the visitors with too many dull speeches about your company, but let them feel how important they are. Ask them for their opinion and honest rating as well. How about a little gift for staff members who had their anniversary within the year and celebrated it at work? Or a special mention of the long-term trust of your partners? Put yourself in the shoes of the attendees. How would you as a customer, employee, vendor or partner want to experience the event? From reception to an evening party, whatever you do, make sure that the event offers added value to them!

  1. Create compelling content for your event

Are you organizing an event for your customers, then it can always be interesting during the event to film some of the testimonials. That way you always have useful content that you can use for the purpose of marketing your business in the next year. Are you planning on recruiting in 2018? Also talking about a number of satisfied employees may be helpful to convince future forces to come to work for your business.

  1. Brainstorming together and setting the future course

Get more out of your event! Give your staffs and partners the right to get involved in the future direction of your company. Don’t let them be silent, but ask them for their opinions. How about a fun, and interactive session? For example share the participants in small groups, give them a number of problem cases and let them get together to come up with solutions. Afterwards, the different groups can come up and show their results to each other.

« Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. » – Ryunosuke Satoro

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